As pup parents, we only want the best for our furry friends. That means taking them for regular walks, ensuring they’re happy and engaged and feeding them a nutritious diet. But did you know that grooming your pup is also a hugely important part of being a doggie owner? And not just to make sure they smell good and look pretty. Grooming and giving your pup a dog wash are essential for your pooch’s health and well-being. Here are the top 5 reasons why you really shouldn’t miss your pup’s grooming session (according to our experienced Melbourne dog groomers)!


Reason #1: Grooming and Washing Helps to Spot and Prevent Fleas and Ticks

Taking your pup for a dog wash is a great way for a professional to spot the first signs of a flea infestation. Whilst washing alone may not be able to get rid of all of them, a groomer will be able to advise you on the best way to remove them – including a tablet, liquid application or a flea collar. They’ll also be able to use or recommend an effective flea shampoo and advise on how to prevent your dog from getting fleas in the future.

Having a professional bath your dog is also a great way for them to find pesky ticks hiding in hard-to-see areas. By giving your pup’s entire body a bath, they’ll be able to spot and remove any ticks and advise on whether you should take your pooch to the vet to check for potential diseases.

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Reason #2: Brushing and Bathing Help to Remove Dead Skin and Dirt

Matted fur is one of the main reasons why regularly brushing your dog is so important. Depending on the breed and hair type (we also specialise in breed-specific grooming), brushing your pup every few days can help to stop painful mats from forming which are difficult to remove later.

Tangles and clumps of hair that are not removed can cause painful skin irritations, infections and be the perfect place for parasites to hide. By keeping on top of your pup’s brushing routine, you can ensure that their coat is smooth and tangle-free!

Bathing your dog at home or taking them to a professional dog groomer is another great way of getting rid of dead hair and skin which can easily mat. Deep cleaning and brushing will help to spread essential oils which keep your pup’s skin and hair healthy as well as improve blood circulation to the skin.

If you decide to bathe your pup at home, it’s worth remembering to only brush your pup when their coat is completely dry. Brushing a wet coat could mean you pull hair and cause discomfort.

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Reason #3: Regular Dog Baths Help Prevent Ear Infections

All dogs can get ear infections, but specific breeds such as Basset Hounds, Spaniels and Border Collies are more prone. Regular bathing and a good dog bath can help to prevent painful ear infections which can be very uncomfortable for your pooch.

A dog groomer will also trim the hair around your dog’s ears to prevent it from causing further infections.


Reason #4: Check for Abnormalities on Your Pup’s Body

Stroking our pets is one of the biggest pleasures of being a pup parent. But we often do this absent-mindedly whilst we’re watching TV or trying to work. Grooming your dog is a great way for you to really concentrate on your pooch’s body and check that everything looks in order. No skin irritations, lumps that weren’t there before, or potential parasites.

A professional groomer will also naturally check your pup’s body, skin, and coat health whilst they’re giving your pup a dog bath. They can tell you if there’s anything unusual they’ve noticed and whether you should take your pup to the vet for a check-up.


Reason #5: Promotes Healthy Joints

You might not think it, but regular grooming can also help your pup’s joints! If you neglect important parts of grooming, such as clipping your pooch’s nails, it can cause your dog to change their gait which leads to them walking in an uncomfortable and unhealthy way. In extreme cases, this can lead to joint problems and even arthritis.

Many dogs aren’t a fan of having their nails clipped. However, if your pup doesn’t naturally wear them down, it’s an essential part of your pup’s grooming routine. Taking them to a Melbourne dog groomers can ensure their nails are cut correctly and that it’s comfortable for your doggo!

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BONUS: Improve You Dog’s Dental Hygiene

Now you know the top 5 reasons we think it’s important to groom and wash your dog regularly. However, the ‘cherry on top’, is really combining all of this with good regular dental hygiene. There are lots of toys that can help reduce plaque build-up, but nothing really improves your pup’s dental hygiene like a professional clean. Companies like Canine Dental offer anesthesia-free teeth cleaning so your pup stays comfortable and they come away with wonderful smelling breath!

If you don’t regularly clean your pup’s teeth at home or take them to a professional, they could develop gum disease or tooth decay which can be painful and result in a trip to the vet.


So, Why is is so Important to Regularly Wash and Groom Your Dog?

As you can see, regularly grooming your dog is not just about making sure your pup looks (and smells) good. Although that is also important. Grooming is an essential part of keeping your dog healthy too. Whether you’re taking them for a full groom, a dog wash in between hair cuts or you’re brushing them at home, spending one-on-one time with your pooch can help to spot any abnormalities such as fleas or lumps and bumps.

It’s also a great way of preventing things from happening. By regularly brushing and bathing your dog, you’re ensuring that mats don’t form which could potentially become irritating and even infected.

Book your pup in for a bath or groom today to keep them looking and feeling their absolute best!