As pup parents, we only want the best for our pets. We take them for long walks, buy them the best gear, enrol them in fun doggie daycare, and (happily) give them all the love and attention they need. But not many of us feel comfortable grooming our dogs, especially if they’re a specific breed that needs a specific look. That’s where The Dog Dazzlers come in. As Melbourne dog groomers, we’ll perfectly tame your Schnauzer’s eyebrows, quiff your Poodle’s curls or finesse those beautiful Papillon ears. We’ll also make sure they have a wonderful and relaxed time whilst we do it!


Professional dog groomers CamberwellWhy Choose The Dog Dazzlers for Your Pups?

At The Dog Dazzlers, we have many years of experience working with dogs and their owners. We know each pup is special – some love a day out to the spa and others are a little more reserved around clippers and new people.

We don’t just ensure that your pup leaves our groomers looking freshly trimmed, but we also make sure they feel relaxed and that they’ve had a fun day out with us. We’re around dogs constantly and know how to care for them, calm them, and give them the best dog haircuts possible.

We’re also very experienced in breed-specific grooming, because, let’s face it, some dogs are a little more demanding than others! All of our lead dog groomers have been trained by the renowned grooming expert Melanie Newman so you can ensure your pup’s paws are in good hands!


Breed Specific Grooming – Why Are Some Dogs Different?

Breeds are different when it comes to size, temperament, exercise requirements, and health concerns, so it’s only natural that their grooming needs vary too. Three of the most common breeds we see in our Melbourne Dog Groomers that require a special trim are Poodles, Schnauzers, and Chow Chows.


Poodle Grooming

Anyone who has watched the original 101 Dalmatians will know that Poodles have an iconic haircut. A pompom tail, adorably round ears and little booties are all part of these special dog haircuts.

And whilst we’ve come to associate them with the fashionable streets of Paris, there’s also a reason why Poodles have to be specially groomed.

Poodle pups have hair rather than fur, which means it constantly grows and they don’t shed as much. Whilst this is great for those who suffer from the sniffles around dogs, it does mean that their hair can clump and form mats very easily. If not regularly groomed, these can become painful and difficult to remove.

Poodles also have their iconic looks based on one of their favourite pass times – splashing around in water! Standard Poodles were first bred to help hunters retrieve waterfowl and their owners shaved their limbs to help them swim faster. They kept the fur around their heads, tails and chest to keep their vital body parts warm!


Schnauzer Grooming

Schnauzers are adorable doggos that have a specific, slightly gentlemanly look. As is the case with Poodles, Schnauzers don’t shed a lot which means they require regular grooming to keep mats and tangles under control.

Schnauzers have a double coat – a wiry topcoat that protects them and a soft undercoat to keep them warm. Pups with double coats require special grooming to keep their hair healthy, get the desired look and protect the undercoat.

Schnauzer Grooming Melbourne


Chow Chow Grooming

Chow Chow Grooming and Daycare Melbourne

Chow Chows sure are cute, but they definitely need their own special care when it comes to grooming

These big balls of fluff are adorable dogs and popular pets. But all that fur needs particularly careful TLC. You’ll need to regularly brush your Chow Chow (as well as regularly vacuum your home), but taking them to a professional groomer can help to keep the worst of their shedding to a minimum.

These dogs have double coats too and are heavy shedders. There are a few different looks you can choose from including keeping the mane long (so they look even more lion-like) or trimming their faces to make them look like big teddy bears! If you’re not sure, our experienced groomers will be happy to talk you through the best way to groom your doggo.


Final Thoughts

From our Melbourne dog groomers, we offer washes, trims, brush-outs, blow-drys and a range of additional dog grooming services to all dog breeds. We’re trusted by many pup parents to give doggos the perfect look, whether they require a breed-specific trim or generally just want a wash and a pamper! Dogs are at the heart of what we do and we make sure that every dog is happy and enjoying its special treatments. If you’re looking for experienced dog groomers, contact us today to book your pup in. You can even make it part of their doggie daycare visit!