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Dog Grooming and Daycare Updates

The team at The Dog Dazzlers are enjoying seeing all of you and your furry friends again!

As of February 1st, we have new prices across our services which you can view here.

Unfortunately our dog daycare is now at full capacity for large breed dogs.

If you have any questions, just get in touch on 0438 759 105.

Don’t leave your furbaby home alone. Our Doggie Daycare is your dog’s new home away from home

Providing your dog with a safe, happy, and healthy atmosphere with lots of socialisation and love.

All dogs go through a thorough dog daycare assessment to ensure they fit with the pack.

Your furbaby is supervised at all times by fully trained staff who are dedicated to your dog having the best experience possible while they’re in our care.

The Dog Dazzlers Day Care Area

Where doggie dreams really do come true….. and seeing is believing…

The Dog Dazzlers Burwood
This area has been designed from the ground up with your dog in mind
The Dog Dazzlers Burwood
The whole area is flooded with natural light and has reverse cycle heating and cooling
The Dog Dazzlers Burwood
Our premium flooring unlike most day care centres is NOT concrete.
The Dog Dazzlers Burwood
It is a highly hygienic vinyl (that you will see in any premium child care centre) and holds no odour. It is slightly cushioned for your dog’s joints.
The Dog Dazzlers Burwood
All the walls have an original mural street scape artwork from floor to ceiling done by leading Melbourne graffiti artist, Sheldon Headspeath which makes the space feel bright, happy and playful.

Sheldon has also have done original paintings of some of our client’s dogs on each of our doors throughout the centre which adds to the fun atmosphere of this unique facility.

Areas designed with your dog in mind

At The Dog Dazzlers, we have three different pens to make sure your dog is comfortable and happy.

The Green Pen

All Activity Pen

This is the largest area pen where play and social interaction is the name of the game.

All dogs get to spend time in this pen.

The Orange Pen

The Puppy Pen

For when play and sleep and play and lots of cuddles are the order of the day, your little fur baby will have it’s very own pen for just that!

The Red Pen

The Seniors Pen

This is for our any dog that prefers to lounge the day away. It is a low activity chill zone so our seniors can socialise at their own pace.

Photo Booth

No matter which breed your furry little friend is and how big or small they are – we all know they’re born photo ready.

We have a purpose built photobooth for taking happy snaps of your beloved dog so they can let everyone know how much fun they’ve had, and how good they’ve looked doing it!

Rest Areas

If your dog is looking a little tuckered out, we have designated rest areas with hygienic beds and water bowls for some ‘me time’.

This area is more often used at the end of the day for some R&R before they’re picked up and ready to tell you all about their fun filled day!

Doggy Daycare Pricing

Doggy Daycare Price

The Dog Dazzlers Burwood

Casual Day Rate (Over 5 Hours)

1 Dog – $55
2 Dogs – $100

The Dog Dazzlers Burwood

Casual Half Day Rate (Under 5 Hours)

1 Dog – $35
2 Dogs – $60

The Dog Dazzlers Burwood

Walk ins will incur a $10 fee

Behavioural Assessment

The Dog Dazzlers Burwood

Dogs Over 6 Months


The Dog Dazzlers Burwood

Dogs Under 6 Months


The Dog Dazzlers Burwood

Assessments go for a minimum of 5 hours and you can find out more about them here

Doggy Daycare Enrichment Package

The Dog Dazzlers Burwood

Perfect for dogs who need extra stimulation

$15 per session

Our enrichment package includes a one on one hour long session with one of our experienced daycare staff. During this session your dog will be involved in a range of enrichment activities such as using snuffle mats, treat puzzles, ball pit activities and more.

Perfect for dogs who need extra stimulation!

Buy 10 Enrichment Passes for 10% off!

Doggy Daycare VIP Service

The Dog Dazzlers Burwood

Perfect for dogs who need some extra love!

$30 per session

Our VIP Service includes everything that is involved in our Enrichment package, as well as a doggy massage, brush, and extra TLC time with one of our caring daycare staff. Your dog will also have some time in our photo booth and
will be featured on our Instagram!

Perfect for dogs who need some extra love!

Buy 10 VIP Passes for 10% off!

Doggy Daycare Value Packages

Want great value, whilst making doggy daycare a standard part of your pup’s week?

The Dog Dazzlers Burwood

5 Day Pass

1 Dog – $260
2 Dogs* – $485

The Dog Dazzlers Burwood

10 Day Pass

1 Dog – $495
2 Dogs* – $950

The Dog Dazzlers Burwood

20 Day Pass

1 Dog – $935
2 Dogs* – $1,800

* Dogs must be from the same household

The Initial Assessment Process

Places at doggie daycare are limited. To ensure the safety and comfort of all our staff and dogs, we require that all new clients undergo an initial dog daycare assessment process. Vaccination certificates, completed assessment forms, and emergency contact details must be provided with your first visit.

The first Day at The Dog Dazzlers you

  • Arrive 5 minutes earlier than your Appointment.
  • Meet the Dog Handler who will be observing your dog’s behaviour during the day.
  • Your dog meets the first Dog Dazzlers friend of the day.
  • Your dog gets introduced to the rest of The Dog Dazzler Pack one by one.
  • Your dog graduates to become part of The Dog Dazzlers Pack and plays for the rest of the day.
  • Book the next Dog Dazzler Doggy Day Care visit over the counter before you leave.

Why Choose The Dog Dazzlers for your Doggie Day Care?

The Dog Dazzlers is one of Melbourne’s leading doggie day care facilities. Based in Burwood, we have clients all across Victoria entrust us with their precious furbaby.

We provide state of the art facilities, and an environment that is loving. We see it as our purpose to give your dog the best possible experience each and every day. We want you to feel comfortable knowing they’re being well looked after while you’re gone.

Health and hygiene is essential for your dog. Our facilities are regularly cleaned throughout the day. In addition, surfaces are cleaned, mopped and disinfected every night. All odours are removed, so both you and your dog come to a fresh-smelling daycare each morning.

The comfort of your pet is important. We provide exercise and rest for your dog throughout the day. Regardless of the temperature outside, our facilities ensure they remain comfortable all day long. And if your dog requires a meal or specific medication, our fully trained staff will ensure they receive the right dose and timing each day.

Here’s where you might want to consider using Doggie Daycare:

You’re away from the house for long periods of time

If you’re away from the house for long periods of time throughout the day, you may start to notice some behavioural issues, such as:

  • Signs of boredom
  • Excessive barking
  • Expert hole digging
  • Damaging furniture and gardens
  • Becoming an amazing escape artist

Entrusting your precious furbaby with Dog Dazzlers Day Care, you can be sure that they are being looked after with consistent supervision throughout the day. They are allowed to play, interact with other dogs, and are showered with endless cuddles and love.

You’re selling or renovating your home
Doggie Day Care is also a great idea if you’re selling or renovating your home. Reduce the stress of open homes, or constantly checking if your dog is staying out of the way of renovation worksites.

We provide your dog with a safe and secure place to stay throughout the day. They’re not exposing themselves to injury, or providing a distraction to your workers. You can rest assured knowing your furbaby’s having an amazing day, so you can focus on what needs to be done at home.

Your dog needs additional training outside of Puppy Preschool
Puppy preschool is a great way to lay the foundations for your puppy’s behaviour. But sometimes they need a bit of extra help. Doggie daycare gives your dog the opportunity to play and interact with other dogs in a fun and safe environment throughout the day. We also provide a range of different toys and environments to play with. This helps to improve their social skills, cognitive skills, and their overall confidence.

We can also provide your dog with additional training, as an extra service fee. If you would like some additional training for your dog, just ask our friendly staff how we can help get them behaving pawfectly.

Benefits of Dog Daycare

The comfort and wellbeing of your dog is just as important to us as it is to you. There are many benefits to using a doggy daycare, including:
The Dog Dazzlers Burwood

Improve Emotional Wellbeing with Fun Socialisation

Improve your dog’s socialisation skills with regular interaction and playtime with other dogs. Socialising with other dogs in a fun and safe environment can help improve your furbaby’s overall confidence and emotional wellbeing. And they get to meet new friends along the way!
The Dog Dazzlers Burwood

Relieve Boredom and Anxiety

Being left alone at home for long periods of time can increase your dog’s boredom and anxiety levels. But a trip to doggie daycare means they can have an increased sense of comfort. Rest easy knowing your furbase is around other people and puppies throughout the day. Your dog is able to socialise with others they get along with, and they are cared for with all-day supervision by our professional and friendly carers.
The Dog Dazzlers Burwood

Avoid Behavioural Issues Caused by Loneliness

When dogs are left home alone for long periods of time, you may start to notice a difference in their temperament and behaviours. When you take them to doggie daycare, you know they are being consistently supervised all day long. Our trained careers are able to spot and address any behavioural issues as they occur.
The Dog Dazzlers Burwood

Exercise and Play Time

Improve your dog’s health with regular exercise and play time throughout the day. We have a large range of toys, surfaces, and exercise areas to give them a sense of variety. Allowing your dog to release their energy in a fun and stimulating way helps to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun!
The Dog Dazzlers Burwood

Ready for Home

Your dog is now ready for home-time, where they are happily reunited with you and ready to relax after a fun-filled day of socialising. Know that when you pick your furbaby up, they will be nice and recharged, ready to spend some quality time with you.