Who is Doggie Day Care for?

Dog Dazzlers Doggy Day Care is perfect for dogs that:

  • Love attention
  • Get bored
  • Are destructive
  • Drive the neighbours mad with barking
  • Are escape artists
  • Love chewing your favourite items
  • Are expert hole diggers
  • Need a cool environment on hot days
  • Need a warm environment on cold days

And for you, if:

  • You are selling your home
  • You are renovating and need a secure place during the day
  • You have the odd tradesman dropping in
  • You have a new puppy needing a safe environment to learn socialisation skills will all types of dogs
  • Your dog needs to be medicated while you are at work

We can also provide your dog with further training (optional extra)


Doggy Day Care Cost

Introduction fee valid till the end of January 2019

  • $50  per dog per full day (over 4 hours)
  • $30 per dog per ½ day (under 4 hours)

Assessment Fee

There is a one-off Assessment Fee for all new dogs of $85 per dog when they join The Dog Dazzlers Doggy Day Care Pack

This fee is for a fully supervised one on one individual assessment to see how well your dog interacts with The Dog Dazzler Pack.

Assessment Process

The first Day at The Dog Dazzlers you

  • Arrive 5 minutes earlier than your Appointment.
  • Meet the Dog Handler who will be observing your dog’s behaviour during the day.
  • Your dog meets the first Dog Dazzlers friend of the day.
  • Your dog gets introduced to the rest of The Dog Dazzler Pack one by one.
  • Your dog graduates to become part of The Dog Dazzlers Pack and plays for the Rest of the day.
  • Book the next Dog Dazzler Doggy Day Care visit over the counter before you leave.


The Principle of The Dog Dazzler Doggy Day Care is simple:

We provide a safe, happy and healthy atmosphere with lots of socialisation and love.

The Dogs are supervised at all times by fully trained staff who are dedicated to your dog having the best experience possible while they are in our care.



The Dog Dazzlers Day Care Area.

Where doggy dreams really do come true….. and seeing is believing…

  • This area has been designed from the ground up with your dog in mind.
  • The whole area is flooded with natural light and has reverse cycle heating and cooling
  • Our premium flooring unlike most day care centres is NOT concrete.
  • It is a highly hygienic vinyl (that you will see in any premium child care centre) and holds no odour. It is slightly cushioned for your dog’s joints.
  • All the walls have an original mural street scape artwork from floor to ceiling done by leading Melbourne graffiti artist, Sheldon Headspeath which makes the space feel bright, happy and playful.
    Sheldon has also have done original paintings of some of our client’s dogs on each of our doors throughout the centre which adds to the fun atmosphere of this unique facility.


Areas designed with your dog in mind

We have three different pens.

The Green Pen (All Activity Pen.)

This is the largest area pen where play and social interaction is the name of the game.
All dogs get to spend time in this pen.

The Orange Pen (The Puppy Pen.)

For when play and sleep and play and lots of cuddles are the order of the day.

The Red Pen (The Seniors Pen.)

This is for our older dogs or any dog that prefers to lounge the day away. It is a low activity chill zone so our seniors can socialise at their own pace. All seniors will be encouraged to have some play in the Green Pen during their day.

Sleep Rooms

We have designated Sleep rooms located at the end of the day care area, so all dogs have a rest break during the day. These rooms have highly hygienic beds and water bowls and have concave mirrors above them so that all our staff can see at a glance from any position in the day care area when your dog has woken from their rest and is ready to re-join the pack.

Photo Booth

We have a purpose built photobooth for taking happy snaps of your beloved dog.

We are always happy to answer any of your questions and are only a phone call away. 

Call us on 0438 759 105 or contact us

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