All the endless lockdowns we’ve experienced in Melbourne over the last few years haven’t just affected us. Our furry friends’ lives have changed too. Sure, you were around much more often to give them cuddles but they couldn’t meet their friends in the park either. So what do you do now that life is getting back to normal and you need to go back to work? Dog daycare is a great solution for many pup parents who want their dogs to socialise in a safe and engaging place. But what about if it’s your pooch’s first time? Here’s everything you need to know about your pup’s first day.


How Many Days a Week Should My Dog Go to Daycare?

That’s something we get asked all the time at the Dog Dazzlers and our answer is always the same. Even though we’d benefit from saying 5 days a week, we recommend a maximum of 3 days and a minimum of 1. Dogs love coming to our specially-designed Burwood facility but it doesn’t replace spending time with their favourite human.

Pups need lots of exercise and mental stimulation and it’s really important that you spend plenty of time training them and taking them on exciting excursions. Whilst doggy daycare is a great way for them to socialise and be exposed to new things, it can’t replace the quality time they need (and want) to spend with you.

For puppies, we generally recommend two half-day sessions per week. Little legs get tired quickly chasing after big friends and all the new experiences can tire them out. If half a day doesn’t suit your work schedule, we do have special chill-out areas where little (and big) ones can snooze for a while.

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Do Dogs Like Doggy Daycare?

Our furry friends are all different – just like us. Some dogs love socialising with their new friends whereas others prefer a bit more alone time. The most important thing is that they’re introduced to daycare correctly. At the Dog Dazzlers, we carry out full assessments of all the dogs potentially coming into our care. Not only does this ensure that your dog will fit in with our current pup pack but it also makes the whole experience nicer for them.

Our experienced team control the new meetings so that dogs who are a little more reserved aren’t overwhelmed by boisterous pooches wanting to make friends. We do everything we can to make sure the first day (and every day after that) is as fun as it can be for all our doggos.

Something that’s special about our Burwood dog daycare is that it’s a purpose-built facility. It’s not just the ‘back room’ of a groomers. Our team are constantly with the dogs, playing, training and looking after them. They really get to know each pup and can identify when one is having a more ‘me time’ day. They can then take them to the special area for relaxation.

Likewise, if your pup is the life and soul of the party our main pen is a great place to play and burn off some energy!


How to Prepare Your Pooch for Dog Daycare

As owners, there are a few things you can do and things you should know before bringing your pup to doggy daycare.


1. Socialise Them

Especially after a pandemic, it’s really important to ensure your dog is well socialised. This means exposing them to new people, sounds, sights, and smells. Taking them to the dog park is a great way for them to get used to being around new dogs of all sizes. They’ll also learn doggy manners and how to play with them.


2. Expect an Assessment

As we mentioned, we carry out assessments on all pups wanting to join our doggy daycare. This is the best way to ensure all our dogs get on and that it’s a fun atmosphere for everyone.


3. Take a Trip to the Vet/Have Medical Records Ready

The health of all our dogs is very important to us at the Dog Dazzlers. We ask that no dogs with kennel cough come to our daycare and that all pups have their vaccinations up to date. We also ask to know about any illnesses or allergies beforehand.


4. Leave Toys and Comforters at Home

We completely understand that it’s tempting to bring your dog’s favourite toys, bedding or other comforters with them on their first day of daycare. As is the case with bringing your dog to their first grooming session, distractions such as toys are rarely a good idea. Dogs can be pretty possessive – especially over their favourite squeaky toy – and this may be a cause for fights and upset dogs. Our dog daycare facility has plenty of fun ways for your dog to stay engaged without toys from home.

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Ready to Enrol You Pooch in Dog Daycare?

Are you thinking about bringing your pup to daycare? At the Dog Dazzles, pups from Surrey Hills, Mount Waverly and Glen Iris get together to socialise and have fun whilst mum and dad are busy. Unlike other dog daycares, our facility is purpose-built for dogs to enjoy in a safe way. Our staff are always with them so you can have peace of mind knowing they’re cared for. Contact us today to book an initial assessment with your pooch – we’re looking forward to meeting them!