Whether your pooch is a regular at The Dog Dazzlers or it’s their first time being in the pamper chair, there are a couple of things you need to think about before bringing them in. For first-time pups, dog grooming can be a really overwhelming experience. Lots of new people, friends to be made, loud noises and some pretty odd-looking tools can make it hard for pups to adjust.

Luckily, there are a couple of fun things you can do before your session to prepare your dog (and make the process easier for us too)! Here are our top do’s and don’ts for grooming so your pooch can have a fun day out with us and come back looking perfectly groomed and relaxed!


What To Do Before Dog Grooming (The Do’s):

At The Dog Dazzlers, we have a lot of experience grooming dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages, as well as having expertise in a wide range of breed specific dog grooming across the Burwood and surrounding area. Our team are all experts and love spending time with your dogs. Over the years, we’ve come to know exactly what helps make grooming sessions go more smoothly.

1. Get Your Dog Moving (Before The Session!)

Taking your pooch for a walk before their dog grooming appointment is a great way to ensure they’ve used up some energy and are ready to enjoy a bit of TLC. There might be other pups waiting for a dog wash or entering our doggie daycare facility at the time of your appointment. Whilst we always encourage furry friendships, too much excitement can be a distraction from the task at hand.

Tired dogs are more likely to settle and it is easier for us to trim and brush them.

2. Use a Harness, Collar, or Leash

We ask all pup parents to bring their doggos in on a secure leash. Not only does that help us to handle them but it can also help to calm your dog. Pups wear their collar/harness daily and having that familiar piece of equipment with them can help to soothe doggos that are a little nervous or over-excited.

3. Take Them to The Toilet!

Giving your dog the time to do their business before the grooming session is a big help. Of course, you can’t always help it when nature calls and we’re happy to deal with it when it does, but bringing your pup in having been to the toilet helps them to settle and allows us to start straight away. It means you’ll be able to pick your pooch up on time and we don’t have to worry about if your dog is comfortable or if they need to go!

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What Not To Do Before Dog Grooming (The Don’ts):

As well as there being lots of things you can do before you bring your dog in, there are also a few things we suggest avoiding.

1. Long Goodbyes

Drop off time really is drop off time. We know it isn’t always easy leaving your pup with someone else – especially if it’s their first time – but we’re professionals who love dogs! Hanging around can actually distract your pup and make them feel less at ease.

We do, however, know that all dogs are different. If you’re worried about leaving your pup with us or they’re especially nervous, we’re happy to talk to you about what’s best for them.

2. Toys or Comforters

In our experience, toys, bedding or comforters don’t do much to relax your dog during their grooming session and can actually over-excite them. Toys are a non negotiable as we find that dogs can get quite possessive. However, when it comes to beds, there are a few rare occasions we’ve made exceptions for some smaller breeds and older dogs.  Generally speaking though, it’s best to leave these in the car as a fun reward for your pup when they leave.

3. Expect Puppies or Newbies to Know What’s Going On

It’s a good idea to prepare your puppy in advance for their pamper day. This will ensure that they’re relaxed and know what to expect. It will also help our groomers so they can spend less time settling your pup and more time trimming! Here are a few things you can do to help puppies or older dogs that are new to grooming.

– Get Them Used to Being Touched

Lots of pups love being cuddled and stroked but there are some areas that most dogs don’t like being touched. It’s often the case that these are the areas that need to be groomed! In the couple of weeks leading up to your appointment, spend a little time each day touching your pup’s face, legs, tail and paws. The best time to do this is when your puppy is tired and sleeping on, or next to you. You can just gently rub their paws etc. as a form of relaxation and this will set them up for a lifetime of better grooming experiences.  Brushing them all over is another good way for them to get used to being touched.

– Make Sure They Know The ‘Sit’ Command

This is a really helpful way for us to ground excited puppies or distracted dogs. It’s also the most comfortable position for them to be in if we need to trim their face.

– Introduce Hairdryers

There’s lots of equipment in a dog groomer’s and some of it can be quite noisy. We do everything we can to minimise the noise in our Burwood facility but some things are just inevitable. Slowly introducing your pup to hairdryers or vacuum cleaners can be a great way of adjusting them to the noise. It’ll make them more relaxed when it comes to their dog wash and they can concentrate on enjoying it!

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Dog Grooming – How to Prepare

The most important thing for us is that your dog has a good time at The Dog Dazzlers and you feel comfortable leaving them with us. By following these simple tips you can ensure that your pup is relaxed and that we can concentrate on giving them the best haircut possible.

If you’re looking for a Melbourne dog groomers that you can trust and that has years of experience handling man’s best friend, get in touch with us today. We’ll be happy to talk you through the whole process and answer any questions you might have!