There are so many reasons why pup parents across Melbourne bring their beloved dogs to our doggie daycare. It’s a great way for dogs to socialise, learn important doggie behaviour and get lots of exciting mental stimulation. It’s also the best way to know your pooch is safe and having fun when you’re busy.

But is daycare for dogs all play-play-play?

At The Dog Dazzlers, we believe that structured daycare days are best for all pups. We split your dog’s time into three areas: engagement, play and rest. Many doggie daycares and pup owners underestimate the importance of rest for dogs, after all, we’re always told a ‘tired dog is a happy dog’. But in our experience, rest is a crucial part of your dog’s day.

In this article, we’re going to highlight the importance of rest for pooches and go through what you (and your furry friend) can expect from a day at our facility.

Why Is Rest So Important for Dogs?

All dogs are unique and different breeds need different amounts of exercise. A bouncy Border Collie, for example, needs plenty of time running around fields whereas a Pug will be happy with a short walk around the block. Whilst rest is important, dogs absolutely need to still have enough exercise to keep them engaged and fit.

But periods of rest allow dogs to relax and process everything that’s going on around them. For some pups, doggie daycare can feel quite overwhelming to begin with. There are lots of new furry faces, smells and people to get used to. Implementing periods of rest allows them to reflect on what they’ve done that morning and process the social skills they’ve learned.

Structured rest time is also a great way to ensure your pooch doesn’t become overtired. Anyone who has ever had an overtired puppy knows how much of a handful they can be (think zoomies, barking and being very hyperactive). Allowing them to relax in one of our designated resting pens ensures pups rebuild their energy and can play in a more ‘meaningful’ way later on.

Rest is also essential for older dogs or pups with mobility problems. Allowing dogs to over-exert themselves, especially somewhere as fun as our doggie daycare, can lead to accidents and injuries. Having rest time means your dog is less likely to push themselves too far (which can be tempting when they’re surrounded by younger furry friends with more energy). Our dog daycare in Melbourne is specifically designed to accommodate older pups that have unique needs too. We have special areas where dogs can rest and recuperate.

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Is There Such Thing as Too Much Rest?

Whilst allowing your dog time to rest is a must, you still need to make sure they’re active and getting enough physical and mental stimulation. There are so many reasons why you should keep your pup stimulated but a big one is that they can develop undesirable behavioural habits if they don’t get enough.

It’s also worth mentioning that there may be an underlying problem if you notice your pup resting more than usual. Make sure you take them to the vet for a check-up if that’s the case.

What To Expect From Our Structured Doggie Daycare Days

Your dog’s day with us is split into three different areas so that they get the most out of the experience. Individual dogs may benefit from more time in one area than another, but we generally try to split it evenly.

⅓ Engagement

Engagement sessions may include training or using fun puzzle toys to encourage your pet to engage and expand their brain. These can include one-to-one time with one of our experienced handlers or take place in a group setting. It’s a great chance for your pooch to learn new things and bond with other dogs and our staff. They can socialise with the other pups and learn from them too.

⅓ Play

Play is one of the most important parts of doggie daycare. Not only is it fun for dogs and our handlers but it’s also a great way for us to bond as a pack, learn new skills and burn energy. Our Burwood facility is split into different pens and we have special areas designated for play. They’re full of fun doggy toys, and soft flooring that’s easy on joints and makes playtime safe. Our handlers are always around to monitor play sessions and get involved when needed. Dogs can play for as long as they want or take time out in our resting area whenever they need to.

⅓ Rest

After all the fun and excitement of play, it is important dogs take time to rest too. If you have an older pup that can self-regulate, they’ll be encouraged to rest with their friends as a group. If you have an excitable younger dog that thinks life is too short for sleep, we’ll let them rest in a crate so they can fully relax.

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Ready For Your Dog to Engage, Play and Rest?

Doggie daycare is one of the best ways to provide fun and entertainment for your pooch. But naptime and relaxing are just as important for our furry friends as running after balls, playing with their new best friends and enjoying our purpose-built facility. Our experienced handlers at The Dog Dazzlers know this and always ensure that pups have enough downtime to really enjoy their day. In the initial assessment, we’ll get to know your pup better and understand whether they need more time in the resting pen or have any special requirements. Get in touch with the team at The Dog Dazzlers if you have questions about our structured day or if you’d like to book your pup in for some doggie fun!