As our pups get older, they often require extra attention and a little more TLC. This might mean slower walks to the park, more time relaxing on their favourite chair and medication or a different diet. So what if you’re working all day but your doggo’s joints are a bit stiff and they’re not as fond of over-excitable puppies as they once were? Can they still go to dog daycare?

Here’s everything you need to know about sending your golden oldie to the Dog Dazzlers and how they could benefit from some time in our specialised facility.


What To Think About Before Bringing A Senior Dog to Doggie Daycare

All dogs are different which is why we carry out full doggie daycare assessments before bringing any new pup into our pack. We need to ensure that our current dogs will be happy and, equally, that your dog will fit in well. We’ll get to know your pup and any health conditions they may be suffering from so that we can provide them with a fun and safe dog daycare experience. There are, however, a couple of things to think about before bringing your pup along to their first day.


Has Your Dog Been Socialised?

It might be the case that you’ve recently adopted an older pup and are therefore not 100% sure of their past and how they interact with other dogs. For a dog that hasn’t spent a lot of time around other pooches or people, dog daycare can be an overwhelming place. New smells, new toys and an adorable (yet slightly too bouncy) puppy wanting to be their new best friend – it’s probably not what they’re used to.

If your dog hasn’t been socialised, daycare might not be the best option for them.


Does Your Dog Have Any Medical Conditions?

When you first get in contact with the Dog Dazzlers, it’s important to let us know of any health concerns your doggo has. Our canine carers and custom-built facility are able to accommodate many health conditions, but only if we know about them first!

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What Are The Main Benefits of Dog Daycare for Senior Dogs?

Understandably, you may be a little anxious about bringing your older pup to daycare. But just because life may be a little slower and they’ve got a couple of extra whiskers doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from a day out at the Dog Dazzlers!


Custom-Built Facility

The main positive of bringing your pup to the Dog Dazzlers is our unique building that was designed with all dogs in mind. We have a separate section for older pups who need more R&R that has comfy beds, toys for older mouths and is accessible for all. It also gives them a chance to spend 10 minutes away from their bouncy best friend. We even have special ‘Me Time’ pens for dogs that are feeling a little overwhelmed and need their own space.


Mental Stimulation

There are lots of reasons why you should keep your dog stimulated. It decreases boredom, makes them happier and reduces the risk of them becoming aggressive or anxious. At the Dog Dazzlers, we have plenty of puzzle toys and areas for dogs to play in. Our carers are always around to interact with your dog, play with them and practise a new trick!


Social Interaction

Dogs are social beings and spending time with other pups is an important part of doggie life. It’s a great way to stay engaged, learn new things and make new friends. Pups that don’t have any physical health conditions (such as arthritis) are very welcome to join in the main pen and interact with the rest of the pack. There’s always a carer there to keep an eye on all the dogs.



Many pup parents of senior dogs make the mistake of thinking that older dogs don’t need to exercise. Whilst they may not be sprinting after squirrels anymore, movement is still very important for most older pups. Dog daycare is a great way for them to play as much as they like with others and move with pups of a similar mobility level to them. Exercise helps dogs to engage with their surroundings and reduces anxiety.

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How To Prepare Your Senior Dog for Daycare

Knowing what to expect when you take your pup to daycare for the first time can really help with preparing them and getting rid of any nerves (yours too)! It’s important that you keep up with older dogs’ training sessions. Regular training helps to keep their mind active and engaged and basic commands are necessary at daycare.

After the initial assessment, we’ll discuss the best way to introduce daycare into your pup’s life. For older dogs, that may be starting off slowly and only coming for a morning session or once a week. Our experts will be able to advise on the best way to keep your pup happy at our facility.


The Dog Dazzlers – Melbourne Doggie Daycare for Older Dogs

At the Dog Dazzlers, we understand that separating from your dog, especially if they’re more senior, can be very difficult. We take the time to put your mind at ease and show you and your furry friend around our purpose-built daycare facility. We have years of experience and know how to care for and ensure that older dogs feel comfortable at our doggie daycare. If you’ve got any questions or would like to book your senior dog in, contact the team at the Dog Dazzlers. We look forward to meeting your adorable pooch!