At the Dog Dazzlers, we don’t just care for your adorable pooch when they’re in our doggy daycare or getting a new haircut. We care for them long after you’ve picked them up and we’ve waved goodbye. We want to make sure that all our pack are happy and healthy, which is why we’ve hand-picked our favourite dog products so that the fun can continue at home.

In this article, we’re going to briefly go through the wide range of products we offer. They’ve all been tested by our own, four-legged quality assurance team to ensure they’re the best products available. They’ll help to keep your dog stimulated as well as healthy.


Dog Products: Interactive Dog Toys

One of the best ways to keep your dog engaged and stimulated is to buy them an interactive dog toy. We all know how important it is to get their legs moving, but it’s not always as easy to get them to use their brains too.

When pups get bored or anxious, they’re more likely to become destructive, nervous and even aggressive. Puzzle toys keep them engaged, help them learn new tricks and they’re often rewarded for their efforts (by a hidden treat or dispenser). They’re especially good if your doggo suffers from separation anxiety. You can give them a new interactive dog toy to keep them entertained and they’ll hardly notice when you leave!

Dog enrichment toys are also great for specific breeds that are considered to be more intelligent. Border Collies, German Shepherds and Poodles were originally bred to work. Whilst many aren’t so active today, they still need a job to do. If they’re not herding, protecting or hunting for truffles (a miniature Poodle’s true skill), they may as well be pulling out the tongue of our super fun, interactive bat toy.

All of the Snooflepaws toys we offer at the Dog Dazzlers are durable, colourful and cute. Choose from Battie, Brainiee or Keenie to keep your pup entertained (and save your furniture) when you’re out.

interactive dog toy

Dog Products: Dog Food

As well as making sure your pup gets enough exercise and is mentally stimulated, you need to make sure they’re running on the right kind of fuel. We believe that high-quality dog food keeps pups happier and healthier for longer.

We stock locally sourced, quality dog food that’s specially formulated to be part of a healthy canine diet. Our experts don’t believe in overly processed food which often contains preservatives and additives that our pup’s just don’t need. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with Talentail. They’re an Australian company that uses the latest in canine science to create high-quality, healthy and yummy food for your pooch.

Freeze-Dried Dog Food

One of the best ways to feed your pup is with freeze-dried food. Freeze-drying allows the meat to retain most of its natural minerals and nutrients. They’re not lost in a long cooking process. There are no additives, so you can be sure your pup is eating what’s good for them.

We offer five different dog foods from the Paw Grocer. Whilst they might no sound overly appealing to us (there is one that’s just freeze-dried chicken necks), we can assure you that dogs love them. They’re full of naturally occurring calcium and make great treats for well-behaved pups. This is just an overview of our range, but here is the full range of dog food we have available online.

Australian Made Dog Treats

Dog Products: Dog Health

As responsible pup parents, nothing is more important than your dog’s health and happiness. That’s why we recommend getting your pooch a dog dental kit. The Canine Dental pack is a safe, natural and holistic way for you to clean your dog’s teeth.

As a trusted Melbourne dog groomer, we know just how important canine oral hygiene is. Poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay and disease which, of course, we don’t want. The kit comes with a full explanatory video, so you know exactly how to clean your pup’s teeth to keep them healthy. Clean teeth and fresh breath make those doggie kisses much nicer too!

We also stock a range of doggie bags and wipes. We’ve tested them all to make sure they’re extra strong (be honest, there’s nothing worse than a weak poop bag) and there’s also a plant-based compostable option. You can shop the full range of bags and other dog products here.

dog poop bags

Why Shop at the Dog Dazzlers

Few people are around as many dogs as we are every day. We groom them, train them, play with them, and of course, always find time for a cuddle. So we know exactly what dogs need. Our experts have experience in the best ways to stimulate pups and what makes them healthy and happy. All the products available on our online store are high-quality and specifically chosen by us for your dogs. Most of the products can be shipped Australia wide, however heavier items are available for collection from our Burwood facility.

Contact the team at the Dog Dazzlers if you have any questions about any of our dog products. We’ll be happy to help!