We all know that a good amount of exercise, regular checkups at the vets and a lot of love from you keeps your dog happy, healthy and well behaved. But mental stimulation for dogs is also essential.

As we touched on in our recent post around why we should keep our pups stimulated – bored dogs can become frustrated, destructive, sad and even aggressive. The good news is that keeping them stimulated is great fun for you and them – and it may be easier than you think. It’s the perfect way for the two of you to bond and can help to keep any unwanted behaviour at bay.

Our Doggie Daycare in Melbourne is a perfect way to keep your dog stimulated throughout the day while you’re at work. But here are our top tips for keeping your furry friend happy and engaged when at home.


Our Top Tips to Mentally Stimulate Your Dog

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Tip #1 – Walks

Ok, so you may think this is more about physical enrichment than mental. But walks can be an excellent place for your pup to experience something new. If you’re in a safe area, let them sniff and explore exciting places. Walks provide dogs with new sights, sounds and smells – as well as the odd friend to say hello!


Tip #2 – Don’t Just Feed Them

Dogs are natural scavengers (you’ll know that if you’ve ever left a bin unattended). But we usually just give them their food. If you want to add an extra bit of food-based stimulation to their lives, try making them work for it.

You could scatter their breakfast kibble over the lawn, so they need to ‘hunt’ for it. You could also get your dog a food-dispensing toy which is an interactive way to eat and play. These are especially good for slowing down those pups that love to gobble everything up very quickly!


Tip #3 – Use Interactive Toys For Dogs

Puzzle and interactive toys can be a great way to keep your dog entertained for long periods of time – especially if you fill them with their favourite wet food and freeze it! They’re fun and make your dog use their brain to work out how to get their treat or food.

Not all interactive toys focus on food. Some are fun chew toys or games that you can play with them. You can buy great games for your dog, but you can also try making some at home from everyday objects.

Try hiding scrunched up balls of paper (with a treat inside) around the house for your dog to find. Or create a scavenger hunt or obstacle course for them.


Tip #4 – Socialisation

Dogs can be really friendly animals, so it’s important to meet their socialising needs. Your dog can learn essential things from other pups while they have fun and make friends!

Try taking them to a doggie park so they can play or think about enrolling them in a dog daycare. At our doggie daycare in Melbourne, your pup will have a great time socialising with other dogs (and humans!), learning new things and being stimulated by their surroundings.

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Tip #5 – Give Your Dog a Job To Do

Many breeds are working dogs and will excel when given a job to do. Your pup may benefit from enrolling in canine sports or specific training classes. It can also be as simple as a good old game of fetch! They’ll be very happy dogs if they can spend 30 mins’ working’ and bringing you back the ball.


Tip #6 – Teach Your Dog a New Trick

Training sessions with your dog are a great way for the two of you to bond whilst also giving them a challenge. Dogs are highly intelligent and love to learn new things, especially if rewarded with words or a treat from you! Training can help engage their brains and use up some of their energy.


Tip #7 – Enrichment Classes for Dogs

It’s not always easy to find enough time to entertain your pup and make sure they’re mentally stimulated – especially if you’re working all day.

Our doggie daycare in Melbourne offers extra enrichment packages where your pup can enjoy ball pit games, puzzles, and stimulating activities to make sure their brains and bodies are active. It’s an excellent way for them to socialise with other pups and have one-on-one sessions with our experienced staff.

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Help Keep Your Dog Stimulated with Melbourne Doggie Daycare

There are loads of ways to ensure your dog doesn’t get bored and is having fun during the day. How do you stimulate your dog’s brain so they don’t get bored?

Contact our friendly team today if you would like some more tips or want to check out our premium doggie daycare facilities here in Melbourne. Your furry friend will have a pawsome time!