Thinking of sending your dog to doggie daycare?  We know it can be daunting, so here are some benefits of dog daycare to consider…

Every day, Melbourne dog owners are faced with the decision of whether or not to send their favourite furbabies off to dog daycare. We want the best for our dogs, but how do we know they’re getting what they need when they’re not in our care?

It can be hard to know if this is even a good idea for our pet’s socialisation and well-being. However, the benefits of a quality doggie daycare provides you with an excellent choice for your pup. In this post we’ll discuss some of these benefits so you can see why sending your dog to dog daycare is actually a great idea!


What are the Benefits of Dog Daycare?

The average person spends at least 8-10 hours away from home every day – whether it be through work, school or other social activities and hobbies. While it’s great for us to have a daily routine, this can be pretty boring for our dogs if they’re left home alone all that time. This is where doggie daycare comes in.

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For your dog to be healthy, they need to have a variety of experiences and do new things every day. This can happen through the interactions with other dogs at doggy daycare. Or by doing something different like going on a walk around some unfamiliar places for the first time! A good Doggie Daycare lets your dog do this – they give your dog a healthy way to keep busy through the day, and improve their overall well-being.

Here are some other benefits for choosing a quality Doggie Daycare for your favourite pooch.


Benefit # 1: Socialisation with other Dogs and People

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Socialising dogs at dog daycare can sometimes help with unwanted behaviour like excessive biting, chewing or barking

Dogs are very social animals. We all know through recent Covid lockdowns, when you’re an extrovert, being isolated can be very lonely and lead to bad behaviours. Well, this is the same with our dogs too!

Being left at home while we go about our daily routines can cause anxiety, depression and unhealthy behaviours like excessive biting or barking. However, keeping them exposed to the outside world throughout the day, including doggie daycare, can do wonders for their socialisation and mental health.

The important thing to remember when it comes to dogs is to have SAFE socialisation with other dogs. The team at The Dog Dazzlers are well-versed at reading dogs behaviours and their body language. If a dog is shy, for example, we will make sure to pair them with other dogs of a similar temperament. This way they won’t feel threatened by their new friend and can enjoy themselves without any stress!


Benefit # 2: Improved Behaviour at Home

While the team at The Dog Dazzlers aren’t there to discipline or train your dog, doggie daycare can do wonders when it comes to your dog’s behaviour at home.

When dogs are around other animals, they will often be more playful and less stressed. They’ll also get a change of scenery from the same old backyard or living room which helps with their boredom! And quite often, it’s boredom that causes our dogs to act out when at home – through barking, chewing or other destructive behaviour.

Dog daycare can do a lot for your dog’s behaviour at home. They’ll learn how to behave in different environments, and how to behave in the company of other dogs. This includes learning how to identify social cues and potential conflicts with other dogs. And they will do all this while having a LOT of fun with their doggie daycare friends!

The Dog Dazzlers understand the importance of social behaviours and canine language between our furry friends. We monitor the social interactions of different dogs under our care. This ensures that all our canine friends experience positive social interactions with other dogs.

And…if your dog DOES need a little more discipline outside of social interaction…we are excited to announce that we will be offering Puppy School services soon – stay tuned!


Benefit # 3: Playing Around and Having Fun

doggie daycare, puppy daycareDid you know that doggie daycare can do wonders for your dog’s mental health? Well, it does! By playing with other dogs in a safe environment they get to use up some of their excess energy and have fun doing so without any real consequences.

Physical activity is really important for our furry friends. Dogs who spend most of their days on their own tend to live a more inactive lifestyle. This can be damaging to their physical and emotional well-being. Just like people, dogs also suffer from weight-related health issues such as overeating, poor digestion, and immobility etc.

By attending dog daycare weekly (or even daily), your dog can get the exercise and socialisation that is recommended for them to maintain a good healthy lifestyle. This is especially true during our cold Melbourne winters, where we tend to want to stay rugged up indoors, rather than out playing with our other doggie friends.

And…well if your pooch is carrying a few extra kilos – our team at Dog Dazzlers can provide them with a supportive environment where they can learn to be excited about play and getting involved with physical activity.

Don’t worry – it’s not all about play and exercise. We also understand the importance of quiet time too. We know how to read dogs body language, and offer your dog plenty of opportunities to rest through the day when they need it most.


Benefit # 4: Maintain a Routine

puppy daycare, doggie daycare glenwaverleyAs people, we all have our daily routines. We tend to get ready the same way in the morning, drive to work the same way, have our coffee breaks at the same time of day… Well, our pets thrive from a daily routine too! Sending your dog to doggie daycare will allow them to maintain their routine. And in turn, this can help with keeping their stress and boredom levels at bay.

At Dog Dazzlers, we provide consistent routine and structure to ensure that their day is more consistent, just like if they were at home. Allowing your dogs to eat their meals at the same time of day, and also frequent bathroom breaks, helps to improve their digestion and urinary tract health.

We provide a safe and nurturing environment that your furbaby needs to stay happy and content with their daily routine. We are always monitoring their interaction with other dogs to make sure they’re socialising in a positive way, or if they’re ready for some time out.

Their day is filled with walks, playtime, naps and snacks. And when you’re ready to pick them up at the end of the day, they’re tuckered out and ready for their evening cuddles back at home.


Benefit #5: Enjoy Peace of Mind when Away from Home

An important emotional benefit of using doggy daycare services is that you’ll be able to enjoy some peace of mind when you’re at work or ‘out on the town’ without having your dog with you. We understand that having a dog is like having a second child. They are very dependent, can sometimes be exhausting, and can take time away from your daily schedule.

By bringing your dog to a doggie daycare, you are giving yourself a well-earned break without the guilt. You can enjoy time to do your errands, go out for a coffee or even just catch up with friends without the worry that they will be lonely and bored at home while you’re gone.

Dog Dazzlers provides your pooch with a clean, safe environment. You can drop your dog off in the morning knowing that they will be well-cared for and well-supervised throughout the day. We always ensure your dog receives plenty of exercise and play, and positive interactions with other friendly dogs.

The end result is a happier, healthier dog that is more content and less stressed when you do have to go out for the day.

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Choosing Dog Dazzlers for your Melbourne Doggy Daycare Experience

If you live in Melbourne and are looking for an exceptional doggie daycare experience, then come check out our dog daycare facilities. We are located in Burwood, and offer premium facilities and a loving environment for your furry friend.

Whether you have a young puppy, an adult dog, a laid-back doggo, or a high-energy pooch – Our team will help keep your dog happy and healthy. We have three different areas in our purpose built doggie daycare:

  • The Green Pen: this is the biggest, and all out activity pen where everyone gets to play!
  • The Red Pen: this is where our older pups like to hang out if the youngins get too much
  • The Orange Pen: this is like having a whole separate puppy daycare where the babies can hang out

We offer daily socialisation, playtime, and rest so that your dog is refreshed and ready to come home each night. And our facilities are thoroughly cleaned through the day, and again in the evening, ensuring good health for your dog every visit.

If you would like to learn more about our Melbourne Dog Daycare services, contact our friendly team today.